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Residential Installation

Have you been told a standard septic system won’t work on your lot? Or has your current septic system failed?

At Alternate Systems, Inc. not only do we install alternative septic systems but we also MAINTAIN and WARRANT them for THREE YEARS against material defects and workmanship.

We make sure every installation is of high quality and will stand up to that level of support. What makes us stand out from the rest is that unlike most companies out there we install alternative septic systems and do the service ourselves, so there is accountability beyond the typical one year warranty. 

Types of Systems we install:

  • Aerobic Drip Emitter Systems
  • Aerobic Treatment Unit (ATU) to standard type drain fields
  • ATU to gravel beds
  • French Drains or Curtain Drains
  • Pump systems
  • Eljen Systems

 We use water proofed concrete tanks that are manufactured with an additive called “Krystal Kim”. Krystal Kim is a product that is used in the building of damns. It expands when it comes in contact with moisture, thus sealing off any pores or cracks in the concrete that may have formed after manufacturing. We do this to prevent the most common septic system failure - water filtration into the tanks.

Septic systems are not meant to be decorative lawn art. Therefore we take care to place the tanks out of site and protected from surface water. Once the installation is complete, we will grade the yard out so that surface water is diverted away from those areas, and ensure that it will meet county approval. You will see that our employees take pride in their work by how neat your yard looks when we walk off the site.

Our 100% Guarantee
We will do what we say we will do when we say we will do it. We will WARRANT our work for a period of THREE YEARS against material defects and workmanship, and since Alternative Septic Systems and Drip Systems are our specialty, we will give you a PEACE OF MIND that the job will be done right the first time. We GUARANTEE you will have a great experience!

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